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James Cameron, Principal


Principal's Message

Dear Families,

Each moment and experience in your child’s life helps contribute to his or her growth and success.  In defining #SuccessatCRES it is our hope that your child will have many of these foundational experiences at Commack Road so that he or she will achieve his/her fullest potential socially, emotionally, and academically.  

The teaching and learning community expects all children to be leaders. It is our duty to work together to unlock each child’s passion and interests. CRES strives to create learning experience that help students understand what it takes to be a productive, participatory citizen at CRES, in Islip and beyond.  Our inspiration for this work comes from Stephen Covey’s Leader in Me and Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Happy Kids. These texts guide us in the development of a common language and consistent expectations for your children.

In addition, our team of teachers are taking our Response to Intervention (RTI) efforts to the next level this year.  We are exploring different models of support services to provide the best, research-based practices that will provide all students with the tools to achieve their fullest potential.  We will be dedicating our time to develop our craft and expanding our horizons as educators. Our goal is to provide the most dynamic, engaging learning environment for all faculty, staff, parents and students.

The love and encouragement that I receive each day from every child’s smile, high five, fist bump, handshake, or birthday wish is the fuel that keeps me going each and every day.  The support and trust that is placed in all of us at Commack Road does not go unnoticed and means the world to all of us at Commack Road Elementary!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the many events each month.  I invite all stakeholders to let me know their thoughts about each experience at Commack Road.  Please feel free to send me an email, a note, or drop me a line to let me know how you feel things are going.   

To assist, in stakeholder feedback, I have created an online survey for all stakeholders to complete after they visit with us at Commack Road.  You can access the survey by clicking this link: or by scanning this QR Code with any smart phone.  

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Together, we can make Commack Road better every day!


James F. Cameron

Kindness Week Brings Unity at Commack Road and Sherwood

Kindness Week brings unity at Commack Road and Sherwood thumbnail181169
Kindness Week brings unity at Commack Road and Sherwood thumbnail181170
Screenshot_2021-03-02_150021.jpg thumbnail181171

At Commack Road and Sherwood elementary schools, Kindness Week brought students and staff together to enhance social-emotional learning and school unity.

At Sherwood, students dressed for each day of the week, wearing Islip gear to show pride, yellow to spread kindness, tie-dye to show peace and love, and purple to promote acceptance on P.S. I Love You Day. To celebrate kindness to animals, students brought in photos of their pets and shared them on the school’s main bulletin board. Sherwood students also engaged in various kindness-oriented activities in classrooms and the library. For example, third graders in Ingrid Mileski’s class began Kindness Week with each student celebrating “Why I Love Myself.” Her students also participated in a “Compli-mat” activity in which the class shared compliments about one another and wrote why each classmate was appreciated.

“The Kindness Week building activities made everyone feel appreciated,” Mileski said.

At Commack Road, an entire Kindness Month in January culminated in a Kindness Spirit Week.

Commack Road’s Spirit Week activities began with a Monday in pajamas, and also included a friendship bulletin board with heart-shaped words and a “Kind & Seek” challenge encouraging students to seek acts of kindness. Teachers Jill Bohnaker, Cheryl Brown, Sara Comiskey and Shannon Dignam created a Great Kindness Challenge poster contest and bulletin board. Snowballs on the board recognized acts of kindness that students caught their classmates doing over the prior month. The week ended with students and staff wearing purple for P.S. I Love You Day and its “Together We Will Rise” theme, led by the fourth-grade class of teachers Meghan Flynn and Christine LeMaire.

“We completed acts of kindness throughout the month of January as a schoolwide kindness initiative,” Commack Road Principal James Cameron said. “It was wonderful to watch the students come together to spread kindness and define success at CRES.”

“Even though the week ended, our class continues to encourage everyone to show kindness and compassion always,” LeMaire said.

As a result of these many kindness activities, Islip was recognized as a Kindness Certified School District by Great Kindness Challenge organizers Kids for Peace.



CRES ENL Students Get Creative With Animal Electro-Boards

CRES ENL Students Get Creative With Animal Electro-Boards thumbnail180710
Third- and fourth-grade English as a New Language students at Commack Road recently created interactive game-based electro-board projects based on their research on different animals. They then used these games – constructed from aluminum foil, metal fasteners, research, content-based vocabulary and continuity testers – to teach other students about their chosen animals. One third grader, who had made an electro-board about butterflies, was so excited about the project that she wore butterfly-related clothing from head to toe.



Commack Road Class Celebrates World Read Aloud Day Virtually

 Commack Road Class Celebrates World Read Aloud Day Virtually thumbnail180380

Fourth graders in Meghan Flynn and Christine LeMaire’s class at Commack Road celebrated the 12th annual World Read Aloud Day on Feb. 3, with guest readers participating via Zoom directly into the classroom. Parents, other family members, friends, and Islip teachers and administrators virtually visited to read a dozen books to the class.

“Students hear their teachers read to them all the time, but having guest readers is special and creates a great memory,” Lemaire said. “Normally we have parents, grandparents, friends and Islip staff come to our class to read to us. This year, with COVID restrictions, we were uncertain if we would be able to celebrate World Read Aloud Day but we did it, thanks to technology.”

“It was such a great experience to be a part of, not only for our students but for their families and Islip staff,” Flynn said. “To see their smiles was heartwarming.”



Commack Road Third Graders Gain Awareness With “Fortune Teller” Game

Commack Road Third Graders Gain Awareness With “Fortune Teller” Game thumbnail180273

Counselor Sara Comiskey recently presented a self-awareness lesson to Shannon Dignam’s third-grade class at Commack Road, helping the students gain a better understanding of themselves by thinking about and discussing their personal strengths, challenges, values, emotions and hopes. After the lesson, the students made “fortune tellers,” choosing questions from a list of categories. Once the fortune tellers were complete, the third graders played the game with their classmates and discussed the questions inside.

“When students are self-aware, they learn to manage their thoughts and emotions, make responsible decisions, develop relationships, and set goals for themselves,” Comiskey said.

Islip’s Schools Celebrate the Legacy of MLK

Islip’s Schools Celebrate the Legacy of MLK thumbnail180132

The profound and lasting legacy of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was celebrated throughout the Islip School District in January.

Kristine O’Malley’s kindergarten and first -grade classes at Wing read stories about Dr. King, learning about fairness and respecting differences, and learned a short song about the civil rights leader.

Before reading a biography written by Dr. King’s niece, Marc Segal’s fifth-grade class at Sherwood passed around a cup of M&Ms, posing the question, “What is the tastiest color M&M?”

“After the read-aloud and class discussion, we arrived at the conclusion that regardless of their color, all M&Ms taste the same,” Segal said. “This was a metaphor for the ideas of equality that Dr. King stood for.”

Ted Dieumegard and Jenna Laura’s fourth-grade class at Commack Road participated in an activity based on four of Dr. King’s quotes. The teachers read the quotes to the students, asked them what they thought they meant, and then clarified their meanings, if necessary. The students then chose the single quote that meant the most to them and explained why.

Fourth graders in Meghan Flynn and Christine LeMaire’s Commack Road class read Doreen Rappaport’s book “Martin’s Big Words,” a “Scholastic News” magazine article about Dr. King and the March on Washington, and a short biography on Dr. King, then worked on posters illustrating important events in his life and his dream.

“Since January is Kindness Month at Commack Road, we used that a buildingwide springboard for students to learn about Dr. King,” said LeMaire. “It helped to draw correlations about how he inspired others to rethink their thoughts, behaviors and way they live. To bring us back to the idea of kindness, compassion and empathy for others school counselor Sara Comiskey presented scenarios to our class to act out and discuss. We had a great day learning about such an important figure who changed history.”